Dio implants – no blade implants

no blade dental implants Poland

No blade dental implants

No blade dental implants Krakow

In the Dio Navi system – we install dental implants without the use of a scalpel. That means often no pain, no edema. The features of the Dio implant system are: accurate planning, perfect implant position, faster healing, minimal treatment. Thanks to the Dio Navi system, we perform implantations of one or all of the teeth using a printed surgical guide. We are able to perform also minimally invasive sinuslift treatments using a 3D surgical template.

  • No blade
  • No pain
  • No bleading
  • No swelling
  • No stiches
  • Short recovery time

dental implants poland

Get a dental implant free!

Are four, or more, of your teeth missing? You need 4, or more, implants? In case of one-off procedure of implantation 4 DIO implants, you save and pay only for 3 dental implants, and the fourth titanium DIO implant is on the house. You can save 343 GBP.

dental-implant-free*Each patient who is undergoing DIO implant treatment at Implantis and decides to have 3 DIO implants, may have the fourth one (value: 390 GBP – a screw) implanted during the same procedure. The necessary conditions is that there is a bone (minimal width: 5 mm and height: 10 mm) in the implantation site, and that there is no infection, or medical contraindications against implantation. The fourth DIO implant must be inserted together and during the same procedure as the three other ones. Promotion only for DIO implants and in the period: 1 May  2019 – 31 May 2019. Promotion cannot be combined with other offers. A surgical Dio Navi is extra paid.

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