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I need a dental treatment and I'm in Krakow now. Is there any solution for me? The answer is - see dentist in Implantis.
I need a dental treatment and I'm in Krakow now. Is there any solution for me? The answer is - see dentist in Implantis.

English speaking dentist

English Speaking Dentist


English speaking dentist in Krakow ? IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic.
Probably like most people, you all are not keen on visits to the dentists and are putting them off for as long as possible. But if you want to keep them in a good shape it is recommended to get them checked once every six months.
When you do so, you surely want a dentist you trust and who can explain situation to you in English. So when you find a dentist you can rely on ? just stick with him.
Only English Speaking Dentists work in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic in Krakow and will gladly give you good ongoing dental advice and are always on hand to explain you what is going on.

After arrival at Implantis

Right upon your arrival at Implantis you will be welcomed by a receptionist who speaks English. Then you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning your health. Afterwards a English speaking dentist will ask you to go into the dentist?s surgery where he/she will ask you about the reason of your visit. The dentist will also want to get to know your expectations concerning the treatment that may possibly be commenced. After the preliminary talk the dentist will carry out a painless dental examination, mainly consisting of looking at the teeth. During the examination dental X-rays and colour pictures of teeth may be taken.

In some cases, when the condition of the teeth will require it, the dentist can carry out computerized tomography examination of teeth CBCT. This will ease making a diagnosis and further treatment.

After check up

As soon as the dentist gathers necessary information, you will receive the explanations concerning the treatment options of your teeth.
You will receive the teeth treatment plan in a written form (in English) ? sometimes two or more options of the plan, together with the prices. In the treatment plan the time needed for carrying out particular procedures will also be given. At Implantis dental surgery you will receive comprehensive answers in English to all your questions concerning the treatment. Each patient has sufficient time to make a decision concerning the start of the teeth treatment. Only when a patient takes time to carefully learn about the treatment plan and makes a decision that he/she wants to treat his/her teeth at Implantis, the dates of subsequent visits are arranged.

Patients with teeth pain who telephone Implantis in order to get immediate help are admitted by a English speaking dentist on that very day.

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Sequence of events:

Your phone call ( or email )  to Implantis Clinic:

English spoken receptionist answers your phonecall: she makes an appointment with dentist

your appointment with English speaking dentist: dentist makes checkup + x-rays + treatment plan + explanation

If you agree to it : English speaking dentist starts the treatment


Clinic Implantis is a certified member of “What Clinic” too. Our professional treatments are adjusted to your individual needs and timetable. All our dentists speak English fluently.



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