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Patient-success-stories,dentist in krakow


Patient success stories

Read about real patients who have had their smile restored using dental implants porcelain crown, bridges, veneers and teeth whitenning.

Why not to have a new smile?- e.max crowns are the best option!.

Before crowns placement             After e.max crowns fit in IMPLANTIS

before emax crowns placementafter emax crowns placement






When his tooth – supported bridge failed Kevin chose a long term solution of dental implants to restore three front teeth.

Before  treatment in IMPLANTIS      After treatment in IMPLANTIS

Dentist Krakow, Ceramic Bridge  Dentist Krakow, Ceramic Bridge

?I can finally smile? – Emax veneers are covering Ian’s six upper front teeth

Before treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic         After treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic

porcelain veneers

full ceramic veneers

?I can’t resist smiling when I am thinking about my brand new beautiful  front teeth” – thre  porcelain- Zirconum crowns and one zirconium veneer covered Ann’s damaged teeth.

Before treatment                                          After treatment in IMPLANTIS
Before Dental Treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic in Krakow After Dental treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic in Krakow




Porcelain corwns and porecelain veneer loaded on a plaster modelIMG_1174

?Simpler and more finite solution? – dental implant and porcelain fused to metal crown used to replace Ian’s bottom molars.

John can’t stop smiling after restoration of the whole upper and bottom jaw using dental impalnts and porcelain crowns.

Before treatment                                              After treatment in IMPLANTIS

Dentist Krakow, Dental Implants    Dentist Krakow, Dental implants

Mary is very happy after restoration of a left upper jaw using  porcelain crowns and bridge.

Before treatment                                              After treatment in IMPLANTIS

before dental treatment Krakow  after dental treatment Krakow

Porcelain corwns loaded on a plaster model

plaster model dental treatment Krakow


Jackie after restoration of upper and lower jaw using  porcelain crowns .

Before treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic     After treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinicbefore IP     After detnal treatmetnt

Slanislaw after full ceramic crowns placement.

Before treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic            After treatment in IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic

Before and after ceramic crown placement

Patient success stories

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