Extracting wisdom teeth

Extracting wisdom teeth – indication for removing third molars.
Extracting wisdom teeth – indication for removing third molars.

wisdom tooth extraction - symptoms

Extracting wisdom teeth. The procedure of extracting wisdom teeth (third molars) is a popular one. Patients often wonder what is the best time to extract wisdom teeth. In order to avoid chronic inflammations, complications and other significant issues later in life, dentists recommend prevention by early extraction of wisdom teeth. The surgical extraction procedure might be carried out quicker if the tooth has not yet decayed. Usually, the perfect moment is when the patient is around 20 years old, however aby other situation indicating the necessity to extract wisdom teeth is just as good reason – advanced caries, pulpitis.

The reasons to extract third molars include:
The reasons to extract third molars include:
  • Gingivitis in gums around the retained wisdom tooth, causing persistent and painful swelling of the mucous membrane of the cheek and of the gum, making it difficult to eat,
  • Caries in second molars,
  • Osteitis around the retained wisdom tooth,
  • Formation of cyst and bone degeneration,
  • Abnormal eruption of second molars,
  • Exerting pressure on neighboring teeth (second molars) resulting malocclusions,
  • Susceptibility to fracturing jaw bone in the region of the mandible angle,
  • The position of teeth does not allow for their proper cleaning/brushing, which increases susceptibility to caries, pulpitis and other serious issues in the teeth in question and in the neighboring teeth,
  • Abnormal situation and abnormal/wrong direction in which wisdom teeth grow, which may result in crowding of the remaining teeth,
  • Chronic pain in the back of the mouth in case the tooth fails to erupt through the gum or erupts in the gum only partially,
  • Extracting third molars may prove necessary in case of pulpitis, if the root canal is impossible to carry out,
  • Advanced caries excluding root canal and subsequent prosthetic reconstruction of the (crown of) the wisdom tooth,
  • Preparation for treatment including teeth implants.


Extracting wisdom teeth

Extracting wisdom teeth is carried out under local anesthesia in order to reduce the pain. In Implantis we extract wisdom teeth entirely painlessly. The entire procedure is  minimally invasive for the patient.

After surgical extraction the wound is sutured (stiches are usually removed after seven days) The patient should adhere to doctor’s recommendations regarding food and drugs in the first days after the procedure.

In IMPLANTIS dental center patients undergoing tooth extraction are provided with detailed information concerning post treatment proceeding.

It is the patient who decides on undergoing the procedure of extraction. Our experts will consult the patient and answer all the questions that may arise on his side, as well as explain any potential doubts.

Retained jaw wisdom tooth:

wisdom tooth extraction

In Implantis we extract wisdom teeth (third molars) retained in various positions.

Retained wisdom teeth may be variously positioned in the jaw. In Implantis we can extract efficiently and painlessly extract third molars retained in various positions.

  • We surgically extract retained protracted third molars

wisdom tooth extraction


  • We surgically extract third molars retained in horizontal positions

wisdom tooth extraction

  • We surgically extract third molars retained in horizontal positions



  • We surgically take out retained distally inclined third molars



  • We surgically remove third molars retained in buckled position or in linguoversion




Garmectomia – consists in extracting tooth buds.
This type of tooth extraction is carried out at the early stage of its mineralization.
It is done if we can suspect lack of sufficient space for full eruption of  third molar in the jaw.

Wisdom teeth

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth in the jaw is not as complicated as extraction of third molars / wisdom teeth in the mandible.

Everything you should know about extracting third molars
Everything you should know about extracting third molars

 The so-called wisdom teeth may be the cause of many painful issues in adult life. Therefore, their preventive extraction is recommended – the sooner the better. Wisdom teeth are inherited from our ancestors and today completely useless, which is why their extraction is not associated with any risk or reducing comfort of chewing food.

Sometimes there are contraindications to extract wisdom teeth. Before deciding on the extraction it is advisable to consult a dental surgeon who can examine the situation and give advice on avilable options. If there are no contraindications, the patient may undergo an entirely painless procedure.

It is also worth noticing that extracting wisdom teeth may also resolve skin issues, which is associated with the position of these teeth. Inflammation very often causes skin changes on the face, which is another good reason to extract the residual organ.

What do you need to remember after extracting third molars?

The procedure is simple and painless, however you should follow dentist’s recommendations afterwards. After having your teeth extracted by our doctors in Cracow, you will receive full set of information on subsequent proceedings. Adhering to our recommendations allows to avoid complications.

In order to close the tooth socket, stiches are applied after the surgery, which will take about a week. Cold internal and external compresses should be applied at this stage. Moreover, it is very important to keep perfect hygiene of the mouth. It is advisable to quit some drinks such as tea, coffee and alcohol for the time of healing. Smoking is also inadvisable, which is why smokers should definitely quit cigarettes.
Extractions are carried out in Cracow, where it can be done professionally by qualified dental surgeons. We encourage you to visit our dental center at Daszyńskiego 12/U5 in Cracow. In case you are interested in our services, we encourage you to contact us for detailed information.

We specialize in comprehensive, often multistage dental treatments addressed to patients who cannot afford to spent a lot of time on dental appointments.

During the first visit we carry out full diagnostics, a dental check and we prepare detailed dental treatment plan.

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