Microscopic Dental Treatment

Microscopic Dental Treatment
Microscopic Dental Treatment

Root canal therapy in IMPLANTIS

Do you need standard dental work or a procedure abroad?

IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic in Krakow, Poland offers excellent staff, state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical equipment, and a pleasant, professional atmosphere.

IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic complies with EU regulations and offers the highest level of care, assuring patients quality and comfort. The clinic gives patients individual assistance, including schedules and a personal assistant to meet you at the airport.

IMPLANTIS Dental Clinic provides excellent service and precise, painless procedures.

Advantages of Microscopic Dental Treatment
Advantages of Microscopic Dental Treatment

root canal therapyThe dentists at Implantis Dental Clinic perform a variety of dental procedures and surgeries with top-of-the-line equipment, including X-Ray apparatus American endodontic microscopes. These dental microscopes allow dentist to perform procedures accurately. A root canal treatment, necessary with severe tooth pulp infection, utilizes a LABO MED dental microscope. These microscopes are beneficial for three reasons:

  • They increase treatment precision, locating the infected areas.
  • They help discover all canals, ensuring that all of the infection is removed.
  • They improve the overall success of the procedure and the patient?s recovery.

Microscopes help ensure that a patient only needs one procedure for his or her root canal treatment -microscopic dental treatment.

Implantis Dental Clinic also uses microscopic technology to assist with its other offered procedures. These include dental extractions, sinus lifts, bone augmentations or grafts, dental implants, and dentures. If you are interested in these procedures, visit Implantis Dental Clinic for your next procedure. The clinic?s state-of-the-art technology and competent dentists ensure that you receive the best care. Take advantage of the Implantis Dental Clinic?s microscopic technology and get your root canal treatment here.


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    John ( 57 years old)  can?t stop smiling after restoration of the whole upper and bottom jaw using dental impalnts and porcelain crowns.

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